What are your Marketing Challenges?

I need
editing input

I’ve written my own marketing materials and I’m happy with the general content. I just need my grammar and punctuation tidying up so I don’t risk ruining our corporate reputation.

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I need a

I don’t have the time to devote to good writing. I need someone who understands what makes my product different and to write my marketing materials in terms my target audience will understand immediately.

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I need
great design

I’m looking for a company that will understand my company and brand and can provide design services for all my marketing needs, in print and online, a one-stop shop as it were.

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I need an
online presence

Our company regularly needs design and copy solutions for our online marketing: eDMs as well as regular content for our Facebook page. We’d love to get that all in one place as a monthly package.

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Our Team

The Proof Perfect team is a vibrant, creative and experienced bunch that is fully representative of all the races in Singapore and more - a mini United Nations you could say!

With our eclectic abilities and no-fuss approach to our projects, we collaborate creatively to deliver marketing materials that drive your message to your target audience.

Curious about our processes?


Before any creative work begins, we’ll sit down with you and discuss the objectives of the project, where you want to be and what needs to be done to get you there.

We’ll look at what currently works and what doesn’t, where you stand compared to your competitors and how we can differentiate you from them. We’ll come back to you with our proposal along with a detailed project schedule to ensure on-time delivery.


Once you are on board with the proposed strategy, the creative work begins. We keep your brand identity at the core of every decision – from copy tone to colours and image selection to font styles.

Typically, we explore several different creative approaches before arriving at our main creative ideas. As part of this process, we will deliver a choice of creative design concepts and provide a text sample of tone to confirm we are on the same page.


Based on your feedback and our recommendations, our creatives get to work designing and laying out the final drafts and our writers craft the copy, ensuring that it speaks directly to your target audience.

When your quality standards (and ours) are achieved, we prepare the final artwork for final production, collaborating closely with our partner printers and programmers to make sure that the finished output meets your expectations.


“Proof Perfect helped us to write our Annual Report. They met our expectations in understanding the project brief, offered alternative solutions and delivered quality content, which in turn added value to our business. It worked out so well last year that we went with them again for this year’s report.”

Karen Escobar


“We see Proof Perfect as a one-stop service for our marketing needs. They were able to capture our message accurately without us having to make amendments, and made our technical services understandable for the layman. They are professionals who understands our needs and the importance of our marketing content. Highly recommended!”

Vijayan Haridas

Lyv Connections Pte Ltd

“We have repeatedly used Proof Perfect for our projects as Angela has demonstrated time and again her efficiency and professionalism. The team put in the effort to understand our project scope and showed initiative in offering us solutions and quality deliverables. They also met our deadlines, even on an urgent basis.”

Sonia Munro

Marina Bay Sands

“I have worked with Proof Perfect and had found them to be highly professional and customer-centric. has been a pleasure working with them.”

William TK Phua


“We gave Angela our shoots and with minimal brief she captured in words exactly what we wanted to say. We were surprised at how accurate she was when we hardly said anything at all!”

Darren and Jonathan


“Proof Perfect has impressed us with their professionalism and speed of service. Working with Proof Perfect has saved us a lot of time as they are able to articulate our message accurately, and are a great one-stop service for our marketing needs. What’s more they are so easy to work with.”

Carmella Ramos


“Proof Perfect always captures our message accurately, minimising the need for rewrites. We’ve used other vendors and Proof Perfect definitely adds value by delivering the completed designs before our requested deadlines. They produce quality work and obviously take pride in them."

Priscilla Ong

Yamaha Music School

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