The money is in your list. Nurture it

Nurture customers until they are ready to buy.

Some businesses get discouraged with email marketing when faced with what they perceive as low response rates. They give up after a few tries because they don’t know the Rule of Seven.

Research has shown that a customer needs to see or hear your marketing message at least seven times before they take action.

  • They might have been too busy to react the first time you reached out.
  • They saw your email and are planning to take action later.
  • They might not have seen it at all they were that busy.

So just because a potential client hasn’t replied doesn’t mean that they’re not interested. Simply put, it’s a numbers game. When you happen to land in their inbox when they have the need, they’ll bite. And if you send emails regularly, you’ll be top of mind when they eventually do need your services.

We’ll help you strategise targeted offers to different market segments within your list for a more personalised campaign that will result in better opening and clickthrough rates.

Leave it to us to write your email marketing messages so that all you need to do is send them out and respond to the resulting enquiries.

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