Get clear on your message and document a brand voice guide that any copywriter can follow

Your voice matters.

Document it. Keep it consistent.

We firmly believe that your voice matters, no more so than now when AI writing tools threaten to dilute messaging to a sea of sameness. Just like you document your brand visuals in your Corporate Identity Guidelines, so you must do the same with your brand voice. Why give designers a guide to layout but not your copywriters a guide to your tone and style of voice and the key messages that need to go across all your communications? Book our Brand Voice Creation services.

Once documented, you can even train AI tools to write in that style for you!

  • We'll workshop your ideas: We'll guide you through a series of questions and exercises that will slowly start to build your brand voice guidelines throughout the day. You may walk in with a good idea of what you want to document or you may have absolutely no idea. Either way, by the end of the workshop, we'll have the information we need to document your brand voice for you.
  • We'll document your brand voice in a manual: Once we have all your ideas down, we'll craft a manual that you can give to any copywriter and say - "This is how we speak. This is who we speak to. This is how you write for us." Your copywriter will LOVE you for it. It takes the guesswork out of writing for you and you'll instantly jump to the top of the list of favourite clients to work with.
  • We'll pretty it up with your brand visuals: We'll reference your brand identity guidelines and jazz up your brand voice manual using your existing brand identity so you can pair your brand voice guidelines with your brand identity guidelines as a complete set.

Through our copy consulting services, you can book our VIP Days, where we'll audit your existing copy, help you get clear on your core messages and document your brand voice guide. We will also rescue existing materials so that they conform to your brand voice

No documentation - no results

Most companies document their visual brand in guidelines but omit to include the most important part of their brand assets - how they communicate with their ideal customers. Without clearly defined guidelines as to how you talk to your customers, your messages will be inconsistent and your core messages misunderstood.

Know your customers better than they do

The goal of all your branding messaging should be to make your ideal customer say: "You read my mind. How did you know? You get me." Once you can make your customers feel this way, when they know they've been heard and understood, they'll buy from you.

Attract the right customers by communicating your values

Your brand voice guidelines should communicate your brand values and instruct how you communicate these through your messages and stories. When your prospects align with these values, they'll become loyal advocates of your brand.

Never again struggle briefing a copywriter on how to write for you. Get your brand voice clear, documented and disseminated.

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