The right concept, the right copy, clearly communicated

When you need a copywriter for annual reports, look no further than our writing team at Proof Perfect. With our annual report writing services, your annual report will convey your key messages to your shareholders and work within the selected theme of your report.

We’re strong on concepts

We have over 20 years of experience as a copywriter for annual reports. We love to get in right from the beginning and work on the concept for the year. That’s when our creative juices flow.

Then we work with your design team to make sure our copy complements the design concepts on the cover, in the chapter dividers and throughout the main copy.

We gather the information

We work with you to gather the required information through interviews and written briefs from your various departments before we plan the content to create a logical flow of the story through the report. This includes interviewing the chairman/CEO for the key message for the year. if needed.

We write for clarity

It’s important that your annual report is easy to scan and skim through so that shareholders get the main gist without spending too much time reading. That’s why we make sure your content is broken into manageable sections with sub headers that help tell the story as well as bullet points and infographics where needed.

We proofread for accuracy

As a copywriter for annual reports for many years standing, we understand that putting together an annual report is a lengthy process. It’s natural that, after reading the report so many times as the changes are made, you become blind to inserted errors. That’s where an independent eye can come in and proofread the full report to spot typos and unseen errors. As well as checking for grammar, spelling and punctuation errors, we’ll look for inconsistencies in design layout and mark up the galley proofs for your final changes to be made before publication.

The result? A comprehensive, concise and compelling document that you can be proud of this year.

Call us on 6012 3433 now and ask about our brand voice guide or request a quote below for our services!

I’ve worked with Ange for over 5 years now, and she’s delivered as much inspiration to me and the business as she has excellent creative and insightful copywriting. She leads a lovely team – working with them is efficient, smooth, proactive – everything an agency is supposed to be. Highly recommended!

Paul Emmerson

VP Brand Management

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