From the first & longest-standing copywriting agency in Singapore to a rally cry to put the human voice back into copywriting communications

We started at the dawn of the Internet when Ange got her first home computer (remember those big boxy things that needed a landline and your heart caught in your mouth every time you heard that connecting signal and prayed that it would connect?)

She recognised that she could build a business working from home, looking after her two toddlers at the time. But things didn’t go exactly to plan. She had to move out and get an office and hire staff to meet the demand. Back then there was no Cloud. Yes, the Internet allowed files to be sent digitally, but there was no way to collaborate with others except face to face, which was limiting.

When the Cloud came to be, Ange jumped on the chance to remodel her business and fully use advances in technology to grow Proof Perfect and have it working the way she had always envisioned it.

Today Ange helms Proof Perfect location free and draws on her team locally and on talents around the world to bring the best for her clients. We're still doing the same thing we've always done, just more efficiently.

As the longest-standing copywriting agency in Singapore, all this while we’ve been supporting large corporations in executing their marketing campaigns and have been helping small businesses save costs in marketing online.

But we have more to do ...


From our founder, Ange Dove

The Rise of the Machines

I’ve got to admit, I’ve always been a bit of a tech geek. I get really excited when the next new thing comes on the market and I always have a little tinker to see if it can play a part in my world. That’s the way it’s been in Proof Perfect from the start.

We’ve always moved with the trends and times, harnessing new technologies as they surface and not waiting for the debate around Should I or shouldn’t I? We just went ahead and did it for the benefit of our business and our customers.

Then AI writing technologies started to surface, crude at first. But, like so many other nascent technologies before them, we could immediately see the benefit and where this was going. It was an unstoppable machine. It was inevitable! We just needed to figure out how we applied it to our business AND the impact it would have and the shifts we needed to make as a result.

Would we still be relevant? Customers were starting to think not as the frenzy to adopt AI writing tools exploded.

And we couldn’t really disagree at first. It did all seem pretty awesome when the words quickly filled the screen as if by magic!

But then we started to dig a little deeper. We went beneath the frenzied excitement. We started asking real questions and did some real testing.

Our role in this all became clear one day when doing a project for a new client. We had very scant information on their services and they simply weren’t able to communicate to us what they did. They needed a copywriter to help.

We All Need the Human Touch

Rick Springfield song aside, that’s when the penny dropped. There still needed to be human involvement in writing copy, despite the frenzied claims otherwise as the tech developed.

These AI tools are just that – tools. In the wrong hand, any tool is ineffectual. But in the right hands – oh boy, are they powerful! We were able to ask the tool the right questions to get an understanding of what the services entailed where the client couldn’t explain.

From a two-liner input, I watched in awe as the words flooded the screen. It was pretty good as a brief goes (but a long way off a final draft!). But armed with the new insights, we were able to craft comprehensive and compelling copy for the client from there.

Companies were now starting to come to us with AI-generated content that needed to make sense. We found ourselves reordering and rewriting the content in the client’s brand voice (if they had one – and offered our Brand Voice Creation services if they didn’t). We removed redundancies, since these tools tended to get repetitive in their content. We fact checked it all for accuracy and got the client’s input to really make it their own.

Seeing how companies were struggling to use AI tools effectively, and fearing they’d lose their voice altogether in one unemotional mesh of global content, the Your Voice Matters training movement was born!

A Rebellious Mission to Keep Writing Human and Real

We were putting the personal back into written communications - the human touch - so that companies maintain their individual brand voice in all their communications while still enjoying the incredible productivity benefits of AI writing tools.

In 2023, we revamped our writing services to focus on high-level copy – the stuff the AI tools can’t do when it comes to the personal aspects of our clients’ brand communications.

In our Done For You services, we’re big on brand storytelling, annual reports, case studies, newsletters and SEO blog articles.

We added a consulting element to our services to include Brand Voice Creation (workshop and manual), Copy Audits, and a host of copywriting and AI writing training courses and programmes.

Today, we’re on a mission to eliminate the belief that AI writing tools are a magic fix-all bullet for content creation. We champion the crafting of real, authentic, original communication by offering human Done For You writing services and training copywriters to harness the incredible benefits of AI without losing the individuality of a unique brand voice.

We’re building the Your Brand Voice Matters movement.

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