Your voice matters. Document it. Keep it consistent.

We firmly believe that your voice matters, no more so than now when AI writing tools threaten to dilute messaging to a sea of sameness. Just like you document your brand visuals in your Corporate Identity Guidelines, so you must do the same with your brand voice. Why give designers a guide to layout but not your copywriters a guide to your tone and style of voice and the key messages that need to go across all your communications? Book our Brand Voice Creation services.

Once documented, you can even train AI tools to write in that style for you!

We’ll workshop your ideas

We'll come together in a workshop and guide you through a series of questions and exercises that will slowly start to build your brand voice guidelines throughout the day. You may walk in with a good idea of what you want to document or you may have absolutely no idea. Either way, by the end of the workshop, we'll have the information we need to document your brand voice for you.

We'll collate it into a comprehensive, easy-to-reference manual

Once we have all your ideas documented, we'll craft the whole thing out in a manual that you can give to any copywriter and say - "This is how we speak. This is how you write for us." Your copywriter will LOVE you for it. It takes the guesswork out of writing for you and you'll instantly jump to the top of the list of favourite clients to work with.

We'll pretty it up with your brand visuals

We'll reference your brand identity guidelines and jazz up your brand voice manual using your existing brand identity so you can pair your brand voice guidelines with your brand identity guidelines as a complete set.

The result? A comprehensive, concise and easy-to-follow document that will help you keep your brand voice consistent in every piece of communication, and keep your copywriters happy!

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I’ve worked with Ange for over 5 years now, and she’s delivered as much inspiration to me and the business as she has excellent creative and insightful copywriting. She leads a lovely team – working with them is efficient, smooth, proactive – everything an agency is supposed to be. Highly recommended!

Paul Emmerson

VP Brand Management

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