Book a VIP Day with our founder and master copywriter Ange, agree on a set of tasks to get done, and we'll have them ready in a day*.

  • Have you got writing and design tasks you know you need to get out of the way and you keep pushing them aside?
  • Are you delaying getting that copy done and know you can finish if you had some help and guidance?
  • Or do you simply want to avoid a la carte prices and take advantage of our done-in-a-day offer?

Avoid projects that drag on for weeks or months. Get your brief focussed, book our time, and let us get those outstanding, pushed-aside tasks finally done. You'll be amazed at what can be accomplished in a day of uninterrupted focus.



How a VIP Day Works

1. You decide what you want to get done

You can choose from one of our packages or set your own agenda. But know that with the focussed time you are about to book, this is going to get done. No project delays, no extended deadlines. No fuss, no muss.

2. We get on a call, agree the scope and you book the day

The call is to set expectations and agree on what would typically be covered in a day. We'll agree on a set date, get you booked into the calendar and provide you the link to make the immediate non-refundable deposit payment.

3. We onboard you and give you your prep work

Once we know the agreed scope of work, we'll set up a task management board that will allow you to get what we need from you in plenty of time before the day so that we can prepare and shoot any questions your way if we have them, with time to spare.

4. We work remotely through the day on the tasks assigned

Once we receive the balance payment before the VIP Day starts, we'll get to work remotely and keep you updated on progress. We'll work to get it all done as planned, but this requires you being on hand to give feedback and make quick decisions. Every minute counts. That's why we seek your commitment to be on standby throughout the day on Whatsapp or ready to jump on a Zoom if needed. Because you are booking our time not our committment to a project, the work stops when the day ends. We're alreeady on the case. It's your responsiveness that controls the schedule.

5. You get follow-up support for 5 working days

This support is for you to review the work done, clarify any questions or get any advice. It isn't to request changes or new or add-on work. Should you need to continue the tasks or if you have new work to be done in a day, we can get you booked in for a new VIP Day on the same terms.




If you run a business, you need a content strategy and a pipeline of evergreen content to repurpose

You need content across your entire marketing funnel to engage your audience at every touch point with you and your business. Mix and match an agreed number of content tasks from the list below or come up with your own. Let's get it off your to-do list and done in a day:

  • copy for a new landing page
  • your website content
  • product descriptions
  • some blog articles
  • social media calendar planning or post creation
  • a complete email campaign
  • editing of internal or client-facing comms or
  • a host of other marketing and writing tasks



For coaches, authors and small businesses seeking to automate the client conversion process

When building a funnel, the focus is often on the tools that bring it all together and the design that makes it pop. But it's the written messaging and content that keep a funnel in motion and lead to conversions. Every section has its unique job to do. Let us plan and write the whole customer journey for you. The scope depends on the elements of your funnel but tasks typically can be:

  • FB ad
  • squeeze page & thank you page
  • sales page
  • email automation response
  • email nurture campaign

This may be a 2-day VIP bundle depending on the complexity of your funnel and the scope of work



For coaches, authors and small businesses looking

to grow their email list and nurture clients

Your business may hang out on social platforms but your leads belong in your email list, a highly under-estimated sales conversion tool. A lead magnet is critical to getting email addresses and building your list, the only part of your marketing arsenal you truly own. We'll write the copy and design the layout for one of the following up to 8 PDF pages:

  • mini e-book
  • downloadable report
  • how to guide
  • checklist
  • video script for Video Sales Letter


For companies of any size looking to amplify their brand on social media and show up consistently

Showing up on social media sporadically? For any content marketing strategy to work, consistency not quantity is key. We'll help you create batches of content around your core content topics so you always have something to post. We will:

  • plan your next 3 months content calendar
  • write post captions of varying length: long and short form
  • design the visuals on brand



For small businesses, soloprenuers, coaches,

authors and trainers

Get crystal clear on your audience and your messaging and create a brand manual you can give to any copywriter to keep your messaging consistent and on brand. We'll create your brand voice and document it in a guide manual.

  • you'll fill out a number of questionnaires
  • we'll get on a Zoom call with you to finalise thoughts
  • we'll document your reason why, your rally cry, how you show you up in the world and how you communicate

Day 2 Optional offer

  • we'll design the manual based on your corporate brand identity



For C-Suite, career individuals, coaches, sales reps, business owners, corporate teams

LinkedIn is a powerful and under-utilised SEO tool for your personal brand and gets you found on the first page of Google. So make it sell for you. Use your VIP Day to take your LinkedIn profile beyond a lifeless resume. Rebrand your profile, create content or a thought leadership piece, or beef up the profiles of your sales and C-Suite team.

  • we'll rewrite and redesign your profile in full and do what 90% of users don't, including your headline, banner copy and design, about section, feature section, work history, (let's use up that space and make you shine), testimonials, recommendations
  • we'll train you on a lead gen campaign you can run in LinkedIn with your new profile strengthening your brand

Day 2 Optional offer

  • create your LinkedIn newsletter template that lands you directly in subscribers' email boxes
  • OR
  • build a mini interactive portfolio website to showcase your work or career history

Select your package of choice in the form below and we'll get on a Zoom call to finalise the scope of work.

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*VIP Day Terms & Conditions

VIP Days are not mini projects. When you book a VIP Day, you are paying for the value of having Ange's undivided attention on your work for the entire day and done to the high standard that Ange with her over 20 years of experience can deliver. The work stops when the VIP Day ends. From our experience, VIP Days run best and are most effective when they are run as intended. This is why we have put together a few terms and conditions that set the boundaries for the day. Since VIP Days may be new to you, we will run through the below points with you on our first call to ensure there is full understanding. But it doesn't hurt for you to go over them now.

1. We will get on a Zoom call to agree on the scope of work to be done and let you know which tasks can be realistically completed in a day. We try to keep it to one day but we are only one half of the equation. If you don't have materials ready or request too many changes during the allotted hours, we will need to prioritise what work can be realistically done in the day.

2. Alternatively, you can consider booking another VIP Day to get the rest finished. We want to avoid this, but we can only get done what time and circumstances allow.

3. We will send you a list of materials and information that we need to receive at least 3 days before the VIP Day. If we need to clarify anything from the materials received, we'll schedule a clarity call before the VIP Day.

4. We expect you to make yourself available via Whatsapp and be responsive in real time to answer any questions we have during the day and to go through our staggered submissions so that you can request for changes or sign off. Delays in this happening will limit the amount of work we can get through in the allotted time. This is beyond our control, but you being prepared and available will make more happen.

5. You will have 3 days after the VIP Day to ask any questions or clarify training. For any further work, you will need to book an additional VIP Day.

6. A single VIP Day cannot be split over 2 days (or more). They must be taken in full on one day. This allows us to focus and get the work done.

7. VIP Days will only be booked into our schedule and confirmed once the deposit payment is made in advance.

8. VIP Days cannot be cancelled once booked - funds paid will be forfeit if you do not rebook within the stipulated timeframe as outlined in point 10 below. Forfeited funds cannot be used to offset any future booking.

9. We allow for one date change if the request is made at least 3 working days before the booked day but we request that you try to honour the original booking to respect our schedule and so that you don't deprive another client of the slot that they could otherwise have had.

10. Rescheduled dates must fall within 7 working days from the original date booked. We recommend that you confirm inhouse that you can commit to delivering the documents required on time. (For example, if the task is to create a course for you that requires videos and you haven't recorded and delivered the videos by the required dates, we will not be able to complete the task for you, but you will be charged in full for the day.)

11. Dates available to hold VIP Days are Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays weekly and are available on a first-come, first-served basis with a maximum of 2 VIP Days booked in one week. For example, if different clients have already booked a Monday and Tuesday each in a single week, even though Friday is a day reserved for VIP sessions, we will not take bookings that Friday. You would need to book in the next available time slot the following week.

12. If we are the cause of a VIP day not taking place or work being delayed, we will make up the time to you.

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